The Gambler

The Gambler is produced by Theatre Re with the support of Arts Council England and Haringey Council. Part of our development process involves opening a meaningful dialogue with members of the community particularly in relation to societal problems stemming from addiction.

Enthralling visual tale combining movement, live music and new writing. Edgar is an old man trapped in his past. As he confronts his addiction, he wonders if his decisions were truly his own. Each spin of the wheel recalls the promise of a life he could have had. He gambles to remember, he gambles to forget.

★★★★ ‘The physicality of the actors was enthralling and beautifully linked to the filmic piano playing' (

Supported by Arts Council England.


Conception - Guillaume Pigé

Writer / Main collaborator - Adam Taylor

Music composer - Alex Judd

Lighting designer / Technical manager - Katherine Graham

(Pierre Gouverneur during R&D)

Costume designer / costume maker - Rozi Hogger

(Noëlle Claude during R&D)

Photography - Magnus Arrevad & François Verbeek

Performers - Alex Judd, Guillaume Pigé, Tugba Tamer

The Gambler - Fringe Festival 2012

Performed from 1 Aug until 26 Aug at the ​Pleasance Dome, ​Edinburgh