A Dead Girl's Guide to Life

A Dead Girl's Guide to Life is the product of several workshops which took place at Strode's College Drama Department aiming to develop ideas given by the students themselves into a full length play.

Supported by Strode's College Community Collaboration Funding Project

Strode's College commissioned Adam Taylor to write this new play specially for the students at Strode's to perform.


Doug - Vinny Coyle

Stacie - Sam Smith

Dean - Matt Cox

Penny - Hannah Dodds

Chris - Tom Absalom

Sharon - Blue Norris

Josie - Carrie Ellis

Charlie - Rufus Rose

Rufus - Will Raymonde

Jess - Lauren Clark

Roy - Pete Baker

Kev - Harvey Bassett

Design & Construction - Terry Charles

Lighting, Sound & Construction - Adam Youngs

Stage Management - Shannon O'Keeffe, Chloe Turner

Costume - Ruby Parker, Darren Ball

Live Music - Mike Hayter

Front of House - Emma Kadri-Langford, Dominique Neville

Tickets/Printing - Mike Croucher, Nasir Sohid

Fight Choreography - Dominique Neville

Director - Beckie Mills

Writer - Adam Taylor