The Gambler Opens at Edinburgh

Day two at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Day one was so busy I couldn't get to the computer... and we had no internet in the company flat so even if I had I couldn't publish. Now we have the first two shows under our collective belt and we have a new internet router which the entire company is crowded around in the living room like crows on roadkill. Having not seen a lot of shows thus far, my highlight of the festival is definitely Guillaume Pigé trying to chop bananas with a pizza cutter... he was making a fruit salad... after this I suggested he wash the raisins and he almost did it... it's been a long week, and this was only Wednesday!

The two shows have gone very smoothly and people really seem to be enjoying The Gambler; you can see a few video interviews here:

Among the shows I have seen I would definitely recommend the new show by comedy trio A Betrayal of Penguins at Gilded Balloon. An insane hour of sketch comedy which our lighting designer Kath Graham recommended to me; it was a very hastily put-together preview but each mistake seemed to lead to ever-more hilarious and inspired moments of improvisation.

Aside from all this I have bumped into some friendly faces and procured a few free tickets for shows I have been told are amazing. Very much looking forward to One Hour Only at the Underbelly tomorrow evening! And I booked tickets to see Tom Stade on Sunday as he's always been great on TV and Reginald D. Hunter is sold out for the first few weeks already!

It's now 1am so I'm going to call it a night, you will be hearing more from me over the next few days as I get settled into Fringe life and start to see more shows.

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