How my blog died and how I aim to resurrect it...

I am a fascinating guy, I lead an insanely interesting life and everyone is interested in hearing what I have to say. My blog will therefore be an instant runaway success with more devoted followers than all the major world religions combined.

That was what I told myself as I started this blog way back in the Summer of 2012. No, really, I said that. Out loud. To myself.

I wrote a grand total of six posts. Which no one really seemed to read. So I guess I rank somewhere between Jehovah’s Witness and Jedi.

The problem is I didn’t really believe my own sales pitch. Of course I didn’t. Who would? I’d have to be a total dick-cheese to believe that crock. Sure, I can turn a pretty phrase but I’m still basically just an average guy living an average life without a whole lot of above-average goings-on to report. And that, I realise now, is why blogging takes a lot more dedication than I applied in my first dabble. So, evidently, I’ve decided to give it another go. But what to write about? The first time around I was on this huge adventure, with my play on at the Edinburgh Festival, surrounded for an entire month by more culture than I’d seen in the preceding twenty-seven years of my life. There was potential stellar blog material everywhere I looked. But I was so busy I had no time to write anything. And it seems to me it would be easier to get a blowjob in a nunnery than it is to get internet access in Scotland.

Inevitably, once I got back to civilisation (sorry Scottish people… but it’s true) and the drudgery of everyday life as an aspiring playwright, I had nothing much to write about. I refuse to be one of these bloggers who writes about their cat (primarily because I don’t have one, and secondly because I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would be interested in reading about the mundane antics of a complete stranger’s poorly domesticated animal). And so the blog died a sudden and frankly well-deserved death.

Despite all of the above, I decided to resurrect it. This time around it will take on a different shape entirely and be less about me (and therefore by default become a lot more interesting…). This time it’s going to be about things I’m interested in. And before you point out the fact that the subject of that sentence was still ‘I’… yeah ok, fine, it’s still slightly about me. But it’s a blog. It’s supposed to be personal, isn’t it?

I will be blogging about films, books, music, television shows and pretty much anything else I can think of that I love (or love to hate). This way, it should be easier to keep the blog going, because I have a voracious appetite for these things and enjoy sharing my opinions with anyone who’ll listen (who doesn’t?). Hopefully you’ll join me on the ride and discover some great new stuff you might otherwise never have experienced. And I’m counting my proverbial chickens here, but I also hope that the blog will gain a bit of interest and some of you internet peeps out there in the ether will show me some mad shit I could never have dreamed existed. Because that, after all, is what life’s all about.

Latest Blog Posts

The Raid 2

Read my review of The Raid 2 which is really more of a story about how I fell asleep in the cinema. Not because of the film, I was just tired.

John Carter

Once again I felt compelled to watch a film that no one else on the planet seems to have seen despite an insanely pushy ad campaign and a universally indifferent response from critics. Is John Carter as mediocre as it’s cracked up to be? Actually no; it’s quite enjoyable if you’re looking for a bit of adventure with a lot of swordplay thrown in. My only concern is that if you look a little deeper Disney seem to be pushing some pretty questionable morality with this one...

Red Dawn

I can’t comment on whether Red Dawn is a successful remake because I haven’t seen the original, so all I’ll say is that the original film would have to be astoundingly bad to beat this... You know that moment when you’re at some form of social gathering and a stranger says something hilarious without realising it’s even remotely funny? That sums up Red Dawn.

Welcome to the Punch

I don’t really like James McAvoy but I gave him the benefit of the doubt just this once… and he didn’t prove me wrong. The film’s not all that bad though, mainly thanks to Mark Strong and Johnny Harris. Anyway, check out the post in which I mostly talk about beards.

Wrath of the Titans

Once again I have gone against my better judgment and spent almost two hours of my time watching a sequel to a film that disappointed me deeply… thankfully my faith was rewarded as the sequel, while not by any means perfect, was good enough to seem like a vast improvement over the Clash of the Titans remake. I realise that’s not really saying much. Read the review for more of this insightful commentary.