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The Raid 2

Read my review of The Raid 2 which is really more of a story about how I fell asleep in the cinema. Not because of the film, I was just tired.

John Carter

Once again I felt compelled to watch a film that no one else on the planet seems to have seen despite an insanely pushy ad campaign and a universally indifferent response from critics. Is John Carter as mediocre as it’s cracked up to be? Actually no; it’s quite enjoyable if you’re looking for a bit of adventure with a lot of swordplay thrown in. My only concern is that if you look a little deeper Disney seem to be pushing some pretty questionable morality with this one...

Red Dawn

I can’t comment on whether Red Dawn is a successful remake because I haven’t seen the original, so all I’ll say is that the original film would have to be astoundingly bad to beat this... You know that moment when you’re at some form of social gathering and a stranger says something hilarious without realising it’s even remotely funny? That sums up Red Dawn.

Welcome to the Punch

I don’t really like James McAvoy but I gave him the benefit of the doubt just this once… and he didn’t prove me wrong. The film’s not all that bad though, mainly thanks to Mark Strong and Johnny Harris. Anyway, check out the post in which I mostly talk about beards.

Wrath of the Titans

Once again I have gone against my better judgment and spent almost two hours of my time watching a sequel to a film that disappointed me deeply… thankfully my faith was rewarded as the sequel, while not by any means perfect, was good enough to seem like a vast improvement over the Clash of the Titans remake. I realise that’s not really saying much. Read the review for more of this insightful commentary.

Pain And Gain

We all saw the trailer for Pain and Gain, we all thought "That looks hilarious!" It had Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, four of the most impressive arms in the history of cinema. It had a heist. It had fast cars and a speedboat. It had women in bikinis and the American Dream. It even had erectile dysfunction. All things that get us excited as movie-goers... But then we saw Michael Bay’s name and thought "Even all of that stuff can’t possibly balance out the tornado of turd that Bay will inevitably shower us with." Well boys and girls, I watched it anyway to find out once and for all. Read on.

Christmas Movies

Given the time of year I thought it would be nice to do a list of Christmas movies for your holiday enjoyment. Then I thought about it and realised that most Christmas movies are terrible, so instead I made a list of my favourite films that are set at Christmas. Important distinction.

Fatal Contact

Dennis Law’s 2004 martial arts film Fatal Contact caught me by surprise. Despite the grainy and washed-out look of the film which makes it appear much older, it’s actually a highly accomplished and entertaining fight film. Star Jacky Wu couldn’t hope for a better showcase to display his impressive array of bone-shattering kicks.

G.I. Joe Retaliation

Yes, I’m reviewing the second film based on the popular G.I. Joe toys manufactured by Hasbro. And yes, I’m also wondering what I’m doing with my life. You will never understand the pain I went through to write this review, let’s just say it involved watching two G.I. Joe films... and I did it for you. So read the damn review in order that my suffering may not be in vain.

Righteous Kill

After being hyped up massively as the reunion of two of the greatest actors of all time etc etc blah blah blah, Righteous Kill had an extremely frosty reception back in 2008. Is it really as bad as all that? You can probably guess the answer to that question, but I want you to read the article. So read the article.

The Most Depressing Movie Ever

I haven’t seen every movie ever made. But I’ve seen a lot. And I do know for sure that if there’s a film more depressing than this one, I’d rather rip out my own ribs and stab myself in the eyes with them while rabid wolverines eat my toes than watch it.

Top Ten TV Shows on Netflix UK

Netflix has a huge range of TV shows to choose from; everything from Breaking Bad to Top Gear. Here are ten of my favourite overlooked shows for your viewing pleasure.

Thor: The Dark World

Despite a great deal of noise being made about its successful opening week, Thor: The Dark World failed to capitalise on the Norse god’s appeal

Upcoming Remakes

Why a list of remakes? Because nothing much else is scheduled for release next year. I’ll probably do a list of upcoming sequels next… Then I could do a list of upcoming sequels to remakes that already happened. Then a list of reboots of previous remakes of earlier sequels… Someone please make an original movie.

LKFF Fist of Legend

Last night I returned to the London Korean Film Festival to see the box office smash (in Korea) Fist of Legend. Not the Jet Li one, that was from Hong Kong. I saw the Korean one, but I recommend both anyway because they are both awesome.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I finally got around to seeing the new new Planet of the Apes film… no, not the Mark Wahlberg one. The new one… With James Franco… I’m not really surprised you didn’t see it… just read the review and find out, you damn dirty ape!

The Bechdel Test for Feminist Films

My reaction to the idea of using a simple test to rate how feminist a film is. Believe it or not, a few cinemas in Sweden have actually begun displaying this Bechdel Test rating for every film they screen. Are they onto something? I think it could be an interesting idea, but maybe not the best method...

Korean Film Festival

I took a trip to the Korean Film Festival here in London this weekend and saw two exciting new films.

My Top Ten Korean Films

As the London Korean Film Festival is taking place this week I decided to write down my top ten Korean films for your viewing pleasure… but when I added the list up there were eleven. And that’s not counting the two must-see Korean films I already included in my 25 Great Films on Netflix UK post… but Top Ten sounds better.

Twenty-Five Great Films on Netflix UK you probably haven't seen...

This blog post will take the form of a list of really great films you can find (or not, see below) on the UK version of Netflix.

Five Things to do with your Life now Breaking Bad is Finished

I know it’s hard, I feel your pain. By now, for those of us who’ve been watching Breaking Bad since the beginning, Walter White has become a close friend. The kind of close friend who’d sell you out to a bunch of neo-nazi psychos...

Immortals vs. 300

In these ridiculous times we inhabit, everyone knows there’s one simple formula that always holds true: Abs = Success. There is no other possible explanation for the career of Taylor Lautner.

How my blog died and how I aim to resurrect it...

I am a fascinating guy, I lead an insanely interesting life and everyone is interested in hearing what I have to say. My blog will therefore be an instant runaway success with more devoted followers than all the major world religions combined.

Strode's College Commission

Adam's second commission to write a play for Strode's College.

Edinburgh Fringe 13th August 2012

The blog has been pretty quiet this week as my girlfriend and my parents have been up. We had a great week and saw tons of shows (mostly good ones) but sadly they all had to get back to work in London...

What Hollywood Taught Me

Most of us have never had the chance to go toe-to-toe with a gargantuan, stone, minigun-wielding samurai warrior...

The Gambler Opens at Edinburgh

First thoughts on arriving at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Edinburgh Fringe 4th August 2012

We are coming to the end of a manic first week here in Edinburgh...

How to be an Action Hero

As an aspiring action hero it is very important that you maintain a general drunken stupor when between jobs...