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Latest Blog Posts

John Carter

Once again I felt compelled to watch a film that no one else on the planet seems to have seen despite an insanely pushy ad campaign and a universally indifferent response from critics. Is John Carter as mediocre as it’s cracked up to be? Actually no; it’s quite enjoyable if you’re looking for a bit of adventure with a lot of swordplay thrown in. My only concern is that if you look a little deeper Disney seem to be pushing some pretty questionable morality with this one...

Red Dawn

I can’t comment on whether Red Dawn is a successful remake because I haven’t seen the original, so all I’ll say is that the original film would have to be astoundingly bad to beat this... You know that moment when you’re at some form of social gathering and a stranger says something hilarious without realising it’s even remotely funny? That sums up Red Dawn.

Welcome to the Punch

I don’t really like James McAvoy but I gave him the benefit of the doubt just this once… and he didn’t prove me wrong. The film’s not all that bad though, mainly thanks to Mark Strong and Johnny Harris. Anyway, check out the post in which I mostly talk about beards.

Wrath of the Titans

Once again I have gone against my better judgment and spent almost two hours of my time watching a sequel to a film that disappointed me deeply… thankfully my faith was rewarded as the sequel, while not by any means perfect, was good enough to seem like a vast improvement over the Clash of the Titans remake. I realise that’s not really saying much. Read the review for more of this insightful commentary.

Pain And Gain

We all saw the trailer for Pain and Gain, we all thought "That looks hilarious!" It had Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson, four of the most impressive arms in the history of cinema. It had a heist. It had fast cars and a speedboat. It had women in bikinis and the American Dream. It even had erectile dysfunction. All things that get us excited as movie-goers... But then we saw Michael Bay’s name and thought "Even all of that stuff can’t possibly balance out the tornado of turd that Bay will inevitably shower us with." Well boys and girls, I watched it anyway to find out once and for all. Read on.